Why I LOVE having Lindsey as my coach:

- "At the end of my coaching month I had lost eleven pounds and a combined 6 inches off my waist and my hips. I really feel like Keto is a lifestyle change that I can maintain. For the first time I’ve never ‘cheated’ on a diet. Lindsey was a great help and I know I can continue to reach out for guidance as needed in the future."

- "Lindsey is always available to help via text.  She gives great advice when dealing with keto side effects.  She celebrated my wins with me.  I really feel like we are in this together.  She is still doing keto and working on her own journey. She shared her updates with me and challenges she faces."

- "I love having a feeling of accountability to her.  She makes it easy!  When I looked for keto information on the internet, it was overwhelming.  I'm a busy working mom and don't have time to count calories or macros on top of everything else in my life.  Lindsey helped make this attainable and sustainable for me."

- "Its awesome to work with someone who really gets what I'm going through and not someone who has been a size zero their whole life / Instagram model / personal trainer who hasn't really struggled with weight loss."

- "I love working with Lindsey because first she is my friend and my coach second.  It is nice to have someone guiding you along the way who has first hand experience actually doing it, and the fact that she has an edge explaining what is happening because she is a science teacher.  I think credibility goes a long way."

- "I love that Lindsey is only a text message away from any questions or concerns I have."

- "She truly knows her stuff!  She helps me with things I struggle with and makes this plan DOABLE!  She hears things I don't even notice I said and helps me address them!"

What I LOVE about the keto lifestyle: 

- "I love that it is working, and that it's not permanent.  You can break out of ketosis whenever you want."

- "I don't feel deprived of my favorite foods or hungry."

- "I have never felt so good following this plan!"

- "Weight loss!"

- "Food that actually tastes good.  I can make simple meals during the week and go a little fancier on the weekends when I have more time."

- "I'm not as hungry, this was the biggest surprise!  The longer I was on keto the smaller my appetite got."

- "I can still have cocktails, I don't drink a ton, but at social gatherings I want to get to have a drink or two.  I do have to be selective about choices to stay in ketosis but its great to have options."