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Pruvit Exogenous Ketone Packet


How many times have you been on a diet, fall off the wagon and tell yourself, "I'll reset on Monday" and that turns into the following week, which turns into the following month, if ever.  These ketone powder packets get you right back into ketosis following a cheat meal so that it stays isolated as a single meal or day.  I use them as a safety net, I always have a few in my pantry so that when I fall off, I can get right back in ketosis the next day and continue working towards my goals.  These have been KEY in making this keto way of eating sustainable for me long term.  

Keto Diet Manual


Download my electronic how to guide if you're on the fence about starting keto and not looking to commit to one on one coaching.  This does not include customized coaching, but this electronic guide gives you an overview of my weight loss journey, an explanation of how ketosis works to burn fat, a glimpse of what I eat in a week, a 10-day meal plan with recipes included, and a FAQ page.  If you choose to sign up for coaching after purchasing the online guide, the $20 comes off of the price of your coaching plan, so it really is 100% risk free!  

Consultation Survey and Personalized Coaching Session


Complete my initial consultation survey so I can gain insight on your background & current lifestyle (food preferences, activity level, etc) and receive a customized 30 minute phone conference explaining how to adjust your current lifestyle to be more keto friendly.  This option is great for beginners trying to learn more about the ketogenic diet and wanting to figure out "how to keto" and looking for a customized approach to make keto work for them! 

Consultation Survey, Sample Ketones, and Two Sessions


This plan includes an initial survey and consultation, a sample of therapeutic ketones to get you into ketosis (avoiding the dreaded "keto flu") as well as two personalized coaching sessions to make sure you are well on your way and to troubleshoot any issues you are having adjusting to your keto lifestyle!  This option is great for beginners who are committed to doing it right, and for those who are currently living the keto life, but might have hit a plateau or need a refresher! 

Monthly Coaching  * Discount offered if signing up for multiple months! *


The most popular plan: This all-inclusive plan gets you everything described above including the initial consultation survey, sample of therapeutic ketones, the electronic keto guide, AND a  customized meal plan that accounts for your likes, dislikes, and comfort in the kitchen (with recipes included).  You will receive a weekly coaching session (4 total sessions), to review  your week, plan ahead for the following week, troubleshooting any issues you're having, and unlimited Q&A texting while you are a client to ensure your success during your keto journey! 

Flexible Scheduling Package - Ten sessions


This plan gets you everything described in monthly coaching, with added flexibility.  You will receive a total of ten coaching sessions to use when you need support.  This results in the most customized plan of support.  You may feel the need for more than one session per week when we start in order to learn.  As we work together, you might find that we can stretch out our sessions and maybe you need support once every two weeks, or even only once per month.  This is the best "bang for your buck" as you can stretch out our coaching with flexible scheduling..

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Coaching Policies

All payments for coaching plans are final.  Weekly accountability check-ins can be rescheduled over email if given a minimum of 24 hours notice.