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What to expect from coaching

If you are someone considering this for weight loss, less brain fog, for better mental health, or all three, the main goal of a ketogenic diet is to get into & maintain a state of ketosis (burning fats for fuel instead of carbs). This means the main rule to follow is staying under 20 grams of NET carbs per day. The way you calculate net carbs is to look on the nutrition label of what you are eating, find the grams of carbs per serving, and subtract any grams of fiber and any grams of sugar alcohol. For example, if something has 8 grams of carbs, you may look at that label and think "OMG that is almost half my daily carbs in one snack", but if it has 4 grams of fiber and 2 grams of sugar alcohols, that is 8-6 = 2 net carbs. THIS is what you would count towards your bank of 20 per day.

The other piece that tends to confuse people is that this is a balancing act, there are no strict meal plans that I ask my clients to follow (but they can be provided if this works better for you). Someone might be strict with their carbs all day in order to enjoy some Halo Top ice cream for dessert, and another client might not have a sweet tooth and will get their 20 carbs evenly spaced out in all their meals. This journey is about finding out what works for YOU. Everyone has different preferences, tastes, and comfort in the kitchen, and it is important that we navigate a personalized plan so that you can maintain this way of eating for as long as it takes to reach your goals.

The truth is that the information is out there. I am not inventing the advice that I give to my clients. And some of you may have the time and diligence to research what is keto-friendly, make a meal plan for yourself, track your macros, and have the mental stamina of not cheating. What I find is that most people's success depends on weaving this ketogenic mentality into your daily life - that means having someone to help hold you accountable, share recipes, or just talk about how great you feel, or ways to work around challenges. That is what I am here for!

I think about coaching in the same way as having a personal trainer at the gym. Many people have a basic understanding of "how to", and some develop the commitment to go to the gym on their own and hold themselves accountable, but many people lose motivation and fall short of their goals because they don't have a scheduled appointment and can "go whenever", which usually ends up being never. The ONLY time in my life I felt successful at the gym was when I had a booked and paid for appointment with a personal trainer. The financial investment made me more likely to stick to it, and the appointment was something I planned around in my schedule. It kept me accountable and it was also easier to get through the work out because I was following someone else's directions instead of feeling like I didn't know what to do. This is exactly how keto-coaching works! I will work with you one-on-one, make recommended shifts in your current lifestyle, walk you through what to expect in the different phases of your journey, share personal experience to help get around challenges, recommend recipes, and just share in this process with you!

I will call you once each week to have a conversation about how your week went, which I've found keeps people from cheating (since they know I will be calling to check!), and I also answer text messages all week long to help support you if you have questions between our phone calls.

In the end, this will be something that YOU do for yourself, for your health. But, I will teach you and support you and make sure you get there. You won't need to look at the world through the eyes of "can't, can't, can't", which is how most diet plans work, but instead you'll be stocked up with options and the knowledge of how to make this exciting and work for you long-term.

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